‘Ask A Hairstylist’ with Angela Styles

 Angela Styles sheds light on juggling more than one project and finding private time to dabble in cannabis. A hairstylist to the stars, this diva has been able to catapult herself to reputable success.

What is your profession?
I am a hairstylist by trade and a hair extensions retailer.


What services does your job offer? 
I presently work on film and television projects with clients like Eve, Elaine Welteroth and Venus Williams. My extensions company, Conscious Curls, focuses on offering luxury textured hair and convenient ways to wear it.


How did you become successful in your field?
Success came from being passionate about hair. It came from consistency to show up every day for clients, problem-solving their hair issues, and building the confidence to work with anyone. Success also came from being in the right place at the right time, ready to take on new opportunities, saying less and doing more. I learned how to the room and build relationships. I became teachable while trusting my instincts.

What stresses or obstacles do you have to deal with in your profession?
The hair industry can be very stressful as it relates to time management. You have to know how long tasks will take and be efficient with punctuality and scheduling; all while tapping into creativity and experience. Marketing yourself can also cause stress. The hair industry is an extremely competitive business, so finding ways to set yourself apart can be stressful to some. My best advice is to follow what you truly love and talk about it all the time. Narrow your focus and master one thing and fly with it.

At what age, or when, did you first start using cannabis and CBD products?
Honestly, I’ve been using cannabis products since I was 14 years-old. Flower was first, this was back when smoking weed was, obviously, illegal. I did it with friends and always liked the way I felt, calm, relaxed and happy. Years later, after moving to Los Angeles, I learned about different strains and learned about CBD products versus those that have THC in them.


How often do you integrate cannabis and or CBD into your  routine?
I typically incorporate cannabis into my weekly routine maybe three to four days a week. I use it to unwind or socially.

What effects does cannabis/CBD have on you?
The positive effects I get from cannabis are relaxation, creativity, happiness and a sense of calm. I enjoy merging weed with alcohol for the perfect balance and if I have trouble sleeping its my go to.


What is your favorite strain of cannabis and why?
I really love Gelato, Lamb’s Bread and Sour Diesel. Different reasons but Gelato gives me a creative high. Lamb’s Bread is Bob Marley weed, so it’s historic and very trippy. Sour Diesel is a great long lasting high that I’ve always enjoyed.



What is your favorite CBD product and why?
I love this CBD tea that still has the in it from a brand called Zelira Theraputics.



What advice could you give to women that want to follow in your footsteps?
My best advice is to take care of yourself and your body while chasing your dreams while caring for loved ones. Women are natural caregivers and tend to think about everyone else before ourselves. You have to put yourself first and everything else will fall into place. Self-care is big for me but it didn’t become a practice until I was in my thirties.


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How has Covid affected your business and personal life?
Covid has effected me positively mostly. It gave me the space and freedom to think about what I want versus what I have to do. It allowed me to clear some things off my plate and financially it has been very profitable for my E-commerce business. Despite the health and financial challenges the country has been facing, I have found ways to pivot and remove stress from my life. I’m looking forward to what 2021 has for me.



What has 2020 taught you?
2020 taught me how to be still. In the past, it was always about being busy, but busy doesn’t always translate into productivity. This year was really about self reflection, planning, and pivoting with the times. I closed my salon, ended a 3 year relationship, and my job working on set came to a close all at the same time. I had no choice but to look ahead and enjoy all the new time I had. It has truly been a blessing. 




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In so many words explain what goes through a woman’s mind throughout a day?
I’ll just throw out some words: 
gratitude, food, fitness, love, social, self-care, money, bills, trips, family, body image, sleep, wellness, health, future, stress, home life, rest.

I feel like we cycle through these topics throughout the day. We are multifaceted, so we can do multiple things while still thinking about other things. I love being a woman.

What advice can you give a man from a woman’s point of view on romance and life?
My best advice would be to always lead. Show your woman that you have a plan. If you don’t have one take sometime to process what you want and how to go about getting it. I also think men should tap into their spirituality, sensuality and sense of purpose before entering into a serious relationship. This awareness will help bring more balance to your life with a good woman.



What are your thoughts on a woman being elected Vice President of the United States?
I’m so thankful to be living in a time to witness Kamala Harris become Vice President. Every time I see her, I’m in awe at what she has accomplished. Like, “Wow a sista is really about to run the Senate and second in command at the White House.” 

I believe a female president is coming soon, hopefully in my lifetime. I’m happy for all the barriers women are breaking in politics. I know there is more to come.



What five songs are in your playlist in the current moment?
This is a tough one. But …Tiana Major9. The whole acoustic project is fire. I keep it on rotation. In the morning, I love Ari Lennox “Grounded” and “Believe It” by Chris -n-Teeb. Tink’s EP “A Gift and A Curse” — also a fave at the moment. Teyonna Taylor’s album is epic and always in rotation, too. Also the Snoah Aalegra Pandora station is a viiiibe, thank me later.

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