Best Celebrity Weed Brands
When it comes to celebrity and influencer weed brands, CampNova knows them all. Headquartered in northern and southern California, CampNova is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce technology marketing platform developed by experienced cannabis entrepreneurs — Marvin Wilcher, chief executive officer, CEO and Emery Morrison, chief marketing officer, CMO.
Emery Morrison and Marvin Wilcher Campnova Founders-Best online cannabis in California
Known as the premier cannabis and CBD destination in California, featuring delivery partners throughout the state, CampNova is the centralized spotlight for celebrities, pro-athletes, actors and influencer cannabis brands.
In the last five years, Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong launched some of the first-ever celebrity cannabis brands, Willie Nelson’s Reserve and Tommy Chong’s Cannabis, respectively. Since then dozens of other celebrities have launched their own strains too.

The Rise Of The Celebrity Cannapreneurs

Just last October 2020, actress Gwyneth Paltrow called cannabis “a worthwhile investment” and announced Goop, her cannabis company would invest and support Cann, a Los-Angeles based maker of THC beverages. Cann is also endorsed by a slew of celebrities including Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose, Darren Criss, Baron Davis, Tove Lo, Casey Neistat, Bre-Z and Rosario Dawson.
The number of celebrities entering the cannabis space continues to increase steadily. Celebrities like Berner, Snoop Dogg, Bella Thorne, Jay-Z and even Jaheel White have partnered with a number of cannabis companies and labs to release their own brands.
jay z-Snoop Dogg and Bella Thorne
“Celebrities are leaping into the cannabis space,” Marvin Wilcher, cofounder of CampNova said. “and a variety of brands and products are introduced into the market, finding them to try is difficult for customers.
This is where CampNova comes into play. Unless you live in California or a legal state, finding celebrity brands is a challenge. And even in California, there are hundreds of dispensaries and delivery companies that don’t carry all of the brands, but CampNova, for the most part, does.
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The Rise Of The Celebrity Cannapreneurs

Understanding its unique position, the lifestyle platform started a year-long smoke session into cannabis like none other. According to Morrison, accessing, smoking, eating and testing the best celebrity weed brands became a company-wide initiative. As a result, the CampNova team was inundated with requests from brands seeking a retail slot on the tech platform.
Technology Platform CampNova Best cannabis delivery company in California
The CampNova team held a number of debates, smoke sessions and tried a hefty number of edibles and beverages and explored a number of THC massage, arousal and lubricant oils, topicals and tinctures — all in efforts of discovering the best celebrity weed brands and products.

Those conversations also included and customers, cannabis insiders and social media and lifestyle influencers. Furthermore, its associated retailers, delivery services and affiliated cannoisseurs, including a culture proprietary formulation, that helped CampNova zero in on the best of the best celebrity cannabis products.

“While everyone’s sparking up traditional cannabis strains,” cofounder of CampNova, Emery Morrison said. “We’ve smoked the dankest celebrity weed brands.”
And after a year of careful curation, consideration and analysis, CampNova announced the top 10 best celebrity weed brands.

CampNova’s Best Celebrity Weed Brands

The sour funk with all of the gas, Gary Payton’s collaboration with Cookies is a must-smoke. Payton is an NBA Hall of Famer known for his defensive abilities and is often debated as one of the best point guards of all time. This time around, he’s seeking a title for dopest weed.

While it has an ultra-relaxing experience it doesn’t leave you smacked on the couch. But the hybrid strain will give you the giggles. A highlight of the strain is that it has higher amounts of THC with little to no CBD. Needless to say, pack it in a bowl or roll a blunt — the smooth smoke is definitely one for the books.

GKUA products are said to be Lil Wayne tested and approved, but now CampNova approved. And while the Grammy-award-winning rapper may be known for his hit albums, mixtapes and singles, there is something about his weed strains that “hits just right.”

In fact, GKUA has so many options of flowers and vapes to choose from that we tried everything. “High AF” is an understatement. Our favorite strain was G.O.A.T. for its very loud and earthy scent. During our cipher, some CampNova staff were spacy for a few hours. Perhaps it’s because it’s an indica with a sweet taste that left everyone so chill. Happily high is the highlight of G.O.A.T.

NBA Champion and cannabis advocate, Matt Barnes’ Seven Leaves, Bon Bons, gets you right where you want to be when you smoke weed. There is this beautiful and undeniable combination of sativa and indica that comes to life at first spark. Bon Bons has a strong berry-lemony taste paired with sweet and woody. Bon Bons is perfect for a post workout relaxation that actually relieves aches and pains. Though it’s a light smoke it’s a hard hitter that produces a strong joyful and uplifting high.

Cann with Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose, Darren Criss, Baron Davis, Tove Lo, Casey Neistat, Bre-Z and Rosario Dawson

There’s a little something for everyone in a single can of Cann. The social tonic is a great alternative to alcohol and certainly discreet enough to sip at a children’s party without looking like you’re getting stoned. After drinking Cann, expect a mild and calming high. We love that it kicks in after 15-20 minutes with a nice little buzz, but nothing overwhelming.

It’s relaxing and enjoyable with no hangovers the next day. Though a low-dose THC and CBD beverage — 2 MG of THC and 4 MG of CBD per 7.5 oz can and 5mg THC per 12 oz can, it’s just enough to relax at a social event or keep your buzz going after smoking a joint. We recommend, on a day you don’t have much else to do but binge-watch Netflix or HBO Max, to chase this delicious tonic after a smoke sesh to combat cottonmouth or drink it in replace of a beer or soda.

Ok, we’re getting weeded now! At the first smoke sesh with Jay-Z’s Monogram No. 1 The OG Handroll Preroll, we had to play “Feelin’ It,” just to “raise [our] ‘L’ to the sky. Maybe it was the weed, but this felt right. After all, we smoked it not just to say we did, but because it’s Hov’s weed. This kinda weed is only reserved for the bosses.

The allure of Monogram piques curiosity just on the — strains don’t have names or percentages to denote potency. It is either “light,” “medium,” or “heavy” with vague names like “Loosies” or “No. 1.” Off the top, we could tell No. 1, categorized as heavy, was a sativa-ish type of strain because it kept our team focused, alert and full of energy. The slow burning preroll had a herbal smell that eventually transformed into a super strong skunk finish. It burned excellently and pulled gloriously. We were high on an executive level vibe. All we needed was a glass of Ace of Spade to top it off, but will settle for more smoke seshes of Monogram.

The energizing sativa gets you up and ready to start your day. Its energizing effects are said to reduce fatigue, stress, and pain. The mood lifting strain will have you greeting everyone in the workplace with a huge smile but don’t forget your shades and red eye drops. The burst of productive energy will have you completing all the tasks you have on your to do list.

Redo Deer Creek, Ind. 1991! Unless you can teleport to the summer at the Grateful Dead parking lot where heavy-hitting sativa-dominant strain, OG Chem, also known as Chem OG was first puffed and passed — you missed it. But with Garcia Hand Picked, 1991 can come to life in your own living room. OG Chem has an uplifting and euphoric high that sparked creativity and carefreeness. Smoking OG Chem set a light mood and though energizing, it was equally relaxing.

When smoking GAS Cannabis by 2 Chainz, it is likely the smoke sesh will turn into a rap karaoke rendition featuring every “gas” lyric reference ever made by the “100 Joints” rapper. No lie-ee-i-ee-i! Smoking on that GAS hits different. The munchies are real when the GAS kicks in. After lounging for a bit, you’ll eventually search your entire house for snacks. Then a relaxing sensation kicks in and drifts you fast asleep.

From fiesta to siesta, Mirayo, cannabis by legendary multi-Grammy Award-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist, Carlos Santa, is inspired by his Latin heritage and ode to spiritual well-being. Pronounced “mi-rah-yo,” which translates to “My and Ray” has vibrant and empowering strain names like — radiance, centered and symmetry. We started with a radiance Dream Fuel sativa tin with five ½ gram pre-rolls. Uff… want to talk about a spectacular high? Let’s! This was so pleasant and energizing. Its sweet berry aroma accompanied by pungent diesel fumes brings on a high that inspires activity and productivity.

It has a majestic glistening from the perfect amount of resin on a leaf to flower ratio. It’s dank. It smokes well. It tastes hella good — it has a berry-blueberry with a woody taste. Hell, it gets you bloody high! There’s no other way to say this, but err… “That’s some good dope you got there Mr. Cube!”

One particular CampNova team member couldn’t help but watch the Friday movie trilogies while smoking Fryday Kush in a single Friday evening. It’s an experience to be had. Periodt. Fryday Kush is not a flower for beginners. The indica-dominant hybrid Fryday Kush Moonrock will knock you the fuck out and leave you sleeping peacfully.

Honorable Mention

And though CampNova has revealed the latest top 10 best celebrity weed brands, there were still a few favorites that gave the current rankers a good match up.

The honorable mention cannabis products that call for a shout out includes —

Wu Goo by Ghostface Killa
Tical by Method Man
Viola by Al Harrington
Tommy Chong Cannabis
Tyson Ranch by Mike Tyson
Trees by Game

Woo goo, Game, meth, Al Harrington, tommy Chong, Tyson

While it has an ultra-relaxing experience it doesn’t leave you smacked on the couch. But the hybrid strain will give you the giggles. A highlight of the strain is that it has higher amounts of THC with little to no CBD. Needless to say, pack it in a bowl or roll a blunt — the smooth smoke is definitely one for the books.