Chef Matt’s Refreshing Mocktails With A Dizzle Twist

Chef Matt Collabs with Dizzle to make Mocktails

It’s scorching out there. And who wants to be hung over in this heat? Volunteered no one. Raise mocktails in the air for a hungover-free summer.

The summer 2023 vibe is alcohol-free but bring the edibles. 

Chef Matt’s Spiked Mocktails With Dizzle

And by edibles — specifically the Dizzle Original Premium Potion Delta-8 gummies. According to Ganja Eats’ Chef Matt, who twisted open a jar of strawberry Dizzle gummies, sometimes spiking non-whiskies or virgin beverages with a little D8 gives the beverage a sweet tang.

picture of  mocktails by Chef Matt
Even mocktails need a little something extra. Chef Matt used blueberry Dizzle Delta-8 edibles as faux ice cubes, a chewy treat with fresh fruit and juices.

Meticulously, Chef Matt smashed the strawberries and blueberries. Mixing Amoretti’s raspberry lemonade beverage infusion with the fruit, he added two Dizzle 25-milligram blueberry gummies of Delta-8 to a daiquiri glass of club soda as if they were ice cubes.

If there’s anything to say about going non-alcohol with cocktails, the cool kids at VidCon Anaheim were onto something when they partied with Delta-8 gummies like Dizzle.

Who is Chef Matt?

Long Beach, Calif., is a city known for its cannabis prowess. One chef emerged as a trailblazer, pushing the boundaries of traditional cuisine and infusing it with the healing of cannabis. 

Meet Matthew Stockard, known to many as Chef Matt. He is the mastermind behind Ganja Eats, an infused blend of cannabis and gourmet cuisine cooking featuring meals that enchant the five senses.

Chef Matt
Chef Matt, known for his signature dishes, has spiked mocktails and Delta-8 edibles for a savory, refreshing treat.

This culinary maestro has amassed popularity amid MJ Biz Con, Weedmaps, and the Cannabis Edibles Expo crowds, to say the least. He is the creator of a signature series of olive oil released in collaboration with Pantry Food Co. He also has a signature line of cannabis-infused ketchup, barbecue, and hot sauces.

With his sagacity in the culinary field, Chef Matt understands the intricacies of infusing cannabis. So when he first encountered the Dizzle D8 gummies, his high thought was to ‘infuse’ it into a mocktail to revel next to Dizzle mixed icons Red Bottom and Oceana Blue. 

How To Make Chef Matt’s Mocktail?

Making a mocktail can be simple. According to Chef Matt, mixing the right juices with the freshest fruits gives mocktails refreshing flavors. It’s the addition of the Delta-8 gummy that gives it an extra burst of flavor.

Chef Matt's Dizzle Mocktail recipe
Chef Matt made a Dizzlerita with Dizzle Potion premium Delta-8 edibles for refreshing mocktails with a canna Dizzle twist.

Ingredients: Fresh fruits and herbs, non-alcoholic spirits, juices, sodas, etc.

Prepare ingredients: This might involve muddling fresh fruit with herbs, creating a simple syrup, or ‘juicing’ fresh fruits.

Mix ingredients: In a cocktail shaker or a tall glass filled with ice, combine your ingredients.

Serve: Pour your mixture into a glass and garnish as desired. This is the part you add the Dizzle Delta-8 edible gummy of your choice, blueberry, strawberry or lemon.

Dizzle Nova comes in three flavors of Delta-8 edibles including blueberry, left, lemon, center, and strawberry, right.
To spike his mocktails, Chef Matt used DIzzle’s Delta-8 gummies.

Mocktail FAQ

What Is A Mocktail?

A mocktail is a non-alcoholic beverage that imitates the flavors and presentation of a cocktail but without any alcohol. These drinks usually combine fruit juices, herbs, syrups and sodas.

Chef Matt with Dizzle Mocktails
Wanting to make a different mocktail Chef Matt from Long Beach, Calif. mixed fresh fruits and juices with Dizzle D8 gummies.

What are the most common mocktails?

Common mocktails include the Virgin Mojito, Virgin Mary, Virgin Piña Colada, Shirley Temple, Arnold Palmer, and the Nojito, among others.

What Makes A Mocktail?

A virgin beverage becomes a mocktail due to its non-alcoholic content. Despite emulating the taste and aesthetics of a cocktail, it does not include any alcohol. The complexity of flavors, textures, and garnishes in a non-whiskey can rival that of a traditional cocktail.

Are Mocktails Healthier?

While virgin beverages eliminate the health risks associated with alcohol, their health largely depends on their other ingredients. Many mocktails use fruit juices, herbs, and other natural ingredients, which can be healthier than alcoholic drinks. However, some virgin drinks may contain high sugar levels due to sweeteners or fruit juices, so moderation is key.

What Are The Types Of Mocktails?

Many types of virgin drinks can mimic almost any cocktail. Some popular ones include the Virgin Mojito, Virgin Mary, a non-alcoholic version of Bloody Mary, Virgin Piña Colada, and the Nojito, a non-alcoholic Mojito. Other types include fruity punches, flavored lemonades, and non-alcoholic versions of Sangrias.

What Are The Parts Of A Mocktail?

A mocktail generally consists of a base (such as juice, soda, or a non-alcoholic spirit), flavor enhancers (like fresh fruits, herbs, or syrups), and a garnish (like a slice of fruit, a sprig of mint, or a cocktail cherry).

Why Are Mocktails Becoming Popular?

Mocktails are becoming popular for several reasons. They cater to individuals who don’t consume alcohol for personal, health, or religious reasons. They offer a sophisticated alternative for designated drivers or people trying to reduce alcohol intake. Moreover, they allow inclusivity in social settings where drinking is common.

Can I Get Drunk With A Mocktail?

No, you cannot get drunk with them as these types of cocktails don’t contains alcohol.

How To Dizzle

To Dizzle and make delish mocktails for the next hang order Dizzle (click here).

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