CampNova Dizzle Delta 8 Gummy

Dizzle is the best liqueur to drink in summer. The liquid gold is a tantalizing blend that transports you to a tropical paradise in a sip.

Stepping into its 23rd summer, Dizzle, the namesake luxury liqueur by Los Angeles renowned celebrity barber and restauranter Myke Dizzle, debuted its newest alternative line of specialty curated Delta-8 gummies with CampNova also named Dizzle at the BET Awards Weekend in Los Angeles on June 23-26.

What Is Dizzle Premium Liqueur?

In 2000, Myke watched his guests fill their cups with cold Dizzle. As the sweet gold nectar hit their lips to the low rumble of classic lowrider engines and hydraulic pumps that defy gravity, they swayed and danced in sync to infectious Hip-hop and Funk.

Dizzle commercial on Instagram
The best liqueur to drink In summer, Dizzle, is available in a number of Los Angeles clubs and bars.

Dizzle took over the party.

And became the best liqueur to drink in summer.

Myke like a chemist concocted a one-of-a-kind fusion of tropical essence of sun-kissed mangos, margarita mix, zesty orange liqueur, refreshing notes of lemon with French cognac and agave tequila that delightfully captured the nectarous of the Caribbean islands — and that summer, he didn’t even know it. It was then that Dizzle became the best liqueur to drink in the summer.

The moment, for Myke, was about taste and having a good time with friends, not that it would debut as a Delta-8 edible during the 2023 BET Awards Weekend or available for retail sale by July 15 two decades later.

Dizzle: A Legendary Liqueur Bottled

Dizzle is more than just a drink it is an experience. And as the signature cocktail of Mike’s GS Sports Restaurant & Lounge in LA — it outsold other mixed drinks, including classics like the Margarita and Long Island Iced Tea.

Amid the clamor and demand from passionate customers, two familiar faces stepped forward. Music industry executives Livio Harris and Chris Roker, frequent visitors and tastemakers in their own right, urged to see Dizzle bottled and shared beyond Los Angeles. 

Their enthusiasm ignited a fire in Mike’s heart. He knew it was time to take Dizzle to the next level. By 2020, despite the worldwide pandemic, Dizzle Liqueur was born and has since transformed into an exquisite bottled delight that captures the macerate of the barbecue favorite cocktail that Myke made for his friends and family.

Instagram post showing a bottle of Dizzle
Dizzle became a restaurant and bar staple by 2020 and releasing as an alternative line of Delta-8 gummies on July 15.

Dizzle Is The Best Liqueur To Drink In Summer

Dizzle is an experience. Dizzle is the best liqueur to drink in summer. It’s not summer without a glass of liquid gold.

“That Dizzle ain’t no joke,” freestyled Teyonahhh on her love for Dizzle for the Dizzle commercial.

How Do You Dizzle?

Because Dizzle goes from girl’s night to the exclusive industry yacht party and back to the neighborhood barbecue — the magical elixir has been known to elevate experiences.

And with the new alternative line of Delta-8 gummies inspired by the tropical flavors of the premium liqueur, Dizzle aficionados can tap into their senses with a D8 vibe like none before.

Do You Dizzle? Man in galaxy with blueberry gummy
Dizzle has 25 mg Blueberry Delta-8 Gummies.

Dedicated to experiences, tastes and preferences, Dizzle introduced its alternative Delta-8 gummies to its original premium liqueur lineup. Through its collaboration with CampNova, the blueberry, lemon drop and strawberry flavored edibles have taken avid Dizzle drinkers by happy surprise.

The Hype Behind Dizzle’s New Delta-8

Piles-of-Gummies-with-text explaining what Delta 8 does
Dizzle gummies are crafted with care and deliver a 25 mg precise dose of Delta-8.

Dizzle’s Delta-8 gummies’ are available in three flavors include lemon drop, strawberry, and blueberry. Each 25 mg dose of Dizzle D8 gummies is for those who prefer Delta-8 as an edible versus the traditional THC edibles.

Eat one, two if you’re brave.
Dizzle lemon drop Delta-8 Gummies
Dizzle Delta-8 gummies also are available in 25 mg. of lemon drop flavor.
Dizzle strawberry delta-8 gummies
Dizzle’s Strawberry Delta-8 gummies are come in a jar of 10 gummies each 25 mg.

Delta-8 is often used to —

Enhanced Creativity and Focus

• Creatives like D8 because it can stimulate the creative thought process, leading to enhanced imagination and innovative thinking.

• It has been reported that Delta-8 can improve concentration and focus, allowing individuals to engage in tasks or projects with increased productivity.

• Delta-8’s potential ability to enhance cognitive function can help improve problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

Positive Mindset and Uplifted Mood

• Some enthusiast have shared that their experience with D8 gave them a euphoric sense of relaxation and calmness that reduced stress and anxiety levels.

• D8 has been known to also uplift mood and induce feelings of happiness, joy and contentment.

• Delta-8, according to Dizzle gummy consumers has given them a positive emotional well-being and a positive mindset.

Enhanced Social Interactions

• Beyond helping with everyday stresses, Delta-8 has also been known to aid social anxiety and inhibitions making social interactions enjoyable.

• Delta-8, according to Dizzle gummy lovers, may also increase sociability and promote a sense of connection, leading to improved communication and engagement in social settings.

• But best of all … the Dizzle D8 gummies are the best alternative to drinking with the Dizzle prowl.

Dizzle Has The Best Cocktails For Summer

For its refreshing flavors, Dizzle has the best cocktails for summer including — period.

Sincerely speaking — Dizzle is dangerous. Mixed with the right spritzers, mixers and zesty mouth-watering fruits and juices it goes down the hatch too easily.

Light weights beware.

Image of Dizzle's cocktail Oceana Blue


2 Ounces – Dizzle Premium Liquor
1 Ounce – Pineapple Juice
3 Ounces – Blueberry
Liquor or Blue
4 Ounces -Sweet & Sour
* Ingredients should be prepared poured into a martini shaker for taste. Shaken for five seconds poured over ice into double tall glass, add Blueberries to the cocktail. Optional: Add a lime wheel.

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