Executive Profile: A Skater’s High Rise Into Cannabis

Executive Profile: A Skater’s High Rise Into Cannabis 

Before becoming the boss, Erin Coffey and his buddies spent their leisure time skating and smoking pot. A lifestyle, Coffey said, inspired the creative launch of High Rise Co., HRC. Although Coffey was encouraged by the multitude of compliments on his gear from other skaters, it was deeper than t-shirts and skater fashion. According to Coffey, HRC’s inception bridged skateboarding with music and art, too.

The 420 Vibe


That was almost 11 years ago. Noone seemed to care, HRC was a company of skaters expressing their style. But when it transformed into a media network and marketing agency in cannabis, LA-LA Land noticed. These days, as blunt ashes fall onto the ashtray, Coffey’s is easily one of the recognizable forerunners of cannabis.


Headquartered, in Beverly Hills, HRC represents the cannabis industry’s leading influencers and premier brands, including Summit Boys and more. Before Covid-19, HRC also threw the most talked about ragers, attracting LA’s canna-socialites and celebrities ready to party and down to spark. Even Dr. Greenthumb’s, Wonderbrett, saw HRC’s vision in giving cannabis a well-rounded, good old fashion — marketing, digital media, apparel production, brand development and sales — makeover. And presently collaborating with HRC.


Two Girls, One Bong

The HRC gang brought cannabis culture to centerstage — the internet. It’s not that other people or influencers were not trying to appeal to those smokers who cypher in seclusion. But everyone seemed to want to be the loudest voice in cannabis, but Coffey’s was louder. 


He sparked conversations and dared to be bold. As a result, his team launched Two Girls, One Bong, 2G1B, on High Rise TV, HRTV on YouTube. 


To-date, 2G1B has hundreds of thousands of followers with millions upon millions of views. The success of the show also inspired more content. As their audience grew, HRC featured product reviews, unboxings and even joint-rolling videos. There were also smoke seshes on HRTV with prominent influencers.

They Get Higher And Higher

Last September, HRTV also held its first three and half hour —“Smoke Olympics,” featuring Cana-influencer Macdizzle and Florida tattoo artist, Andrew Samuels. 


His efforts cornered the attention of marijuana enthusiasts along with the “cana-curious” ones. Through this approach, Coffey ossified stoner cliches. HRC along with Coffey’s introspective is presently rewriting the lexicon of pot. 



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There’s a romantic, yet reverent homage with a deep respect for cannabis lifestyle and culture at HRC, which he said is the focus of his agency. Everything HRC does is strategic.


“We need people who are in the culture and understand the plant,” he said.


With attention to the cannabis industry, Coffey said he hopes he can be amongst the canna-leaders working to change the cannabis narrative.


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