Luxury is her middle name. Providing a luxury lifestyle with the ultimate lush comfort, stress-free lifestyle and genuine happiness.


As the CEO of FAO Lifestyle Group, Fafa works diligently to ensure her clients have an array of premier services in travel along with private jet charters, catering and exclusive car rentals. When she’s not devoting her time to her clients, she’s focused on finding creative ways to expand her business, while also enjoying the suite access her work affords her. 


“Stay focus, stay grounded, stay ambitious, but most importantly stay true to yourself,” Fafa said.

What is your profession? What services does your job offer?

I am the CEO of FAO Lifestyle Group and Event Curator Lifestyle Management.

FAO lifestyle Group is an LA-Based luxury lifestyle management company. We offer an array of luxury services including access to exclusive events, travel designers who coordinate the ins and outs of vacation travel. We also offer concierge services with private chef and catering, private jet charters, yacht charters, luxury car rental, mobile massage service and medical concierge.

How did you become successful in your field?

I attained my current success through my consistency, Drive, and creative work ethic, coupled with my innate ability to network and my excellent social skills. 

What stress, obstacles do you have to deal with in your profession?

In my business, there are various and unpredictable stressors that occur. However, I think the most significant stress is trying to please and make my clients happy.


At what age, or when, did you first start using cannabis and CBD products?

 I started using cannabis at 19.

How often do you integrate cannabis and/or CBD into your daily/weekly routine?

 I smoke cannabis daily and use CBD hemp lotion daily.

What positive effects does cannabis/CBD have on you?

Cannabis mellows me out.

What is your favorite strain of cannabis and why?

I love sativa because it has a more energetic “upper” effect.

What is your favorite CBD product and why?

My favorite CBD product is definitely this natural hemp seed oil body moisturizer.

Rich Soil Fafa CampNova

What advice could you give to women that want to follow in your footsteps?

Stay focus, stay grounded, stay ambitious but most importantly stay true to yourself.

How has Covid affected your business/personal life? Both good and bad?

Both, good and bad. Covid as impacted my business and personal life in so many different ways. The lack of social gatherings and social interaction has created hurdle within our business model.

What has 2020 taught you?

Seize the day and cherish every moment. Do not put off what you can today for tomorrow.

In so many words explain what goes through a woman’s mind throughout a day?

 I can’t speak for other women but success and elevation are what runs through my mind on a daily basis.

What advice can you give a man from a woman’s point of view on romance and life?

LISTEN! Be kind and considerate.


What are your thoughts on a woman being elected Vice President of the United States?

I’m so excited to see my good sis, Kamala Harris, representing not only all women but specifically black women. I think there is certainly a chance a woman could be [elected] president.


What five songs are in your playlist in the current moment?

  1. “On Me” –  Lil Baby
  2. “Back In Blood” – Pooh Shiesty featuring Lil Durk
  3. “Been Away”  – Brent Faiyaz 
  4. “Loyal” – PartyNextDoor featuring Drake 
  5. “You’re Mines Still” – Yung Bleu featuring Drake


Business Name: FAO LifestyleGroup

Personal Instagram: @Ceofafa

Business Instagram: @faolifestyle

Business Email: faolifestylegroup@gmail.com