Go Green Wednesday And Snag All The Weed Deals Before Black Friday

Green Wednesday is the Cannabis Black Friday
Now that the Halloween smoke has cleared, it’s time to focus on more important holidays, not Thanksgiving or Black Friday but Green Wednesday. This holiday has been overlooked for many years and that stops now. The spotlight is now on Green Wednesday and may easily, one day a Mount Rushmore of weed holidays.

What is Green Wednesday?

Just like 420 and 710, the stoner holiday for dabs and concentrates, Green Wednesday is a day to score the best deals in cannabis. It’s a day many stoners look forward to, especially the ones traveling from states where cannabis is illegal.
It’s a day to celebrate Mary Jane — isn’t she always there to make us feel alright and our hearts sing? It’s that time of the year to appreciate her and all the Green Wednesday has to offer.

When is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving and comes before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year it lands on Nov. 24. Another way to figure out if it’s the right day, is to stick your head out your window and take a fat sniff. Should be a dead giveaway when that dank is in the air — Happy Green Wednesday.

Where TF did Green Wednesday come from?

green Wednesday where did came from
Over the years, cannabis companies noticed a trend during the month of November. They were seeing skyrocketing sales numbers only seen on 4-20. Turns out the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, stoners would stock up.

Now that some states have legalized medical and recreational cannabis, Green Wednesday numbers have hit and this year it’s expected to increase at an all time high. Companies like Hellapaxx and Smoke On The Water have some deals that will blow your mind. Deals in honor of Green Wednesday — joints, wax and edibles. So when asked, “Where TF it came from,” respond with, “It’s always been here, you just weren’t high enough to notice.”

Why do you need Green Wednesday, before Black Friday?

Long lines, cold weather and lack of sleep. These are some key reasons why you need Green Wednesday deals before Black Friday. Standing in those lines next to random people can be extra AF but not after a joint. Smoke on some sativas before hitting the lines or if you’re too high to drive, order online and get it delivered byHellapaxx or Smoke On The Water.
Plus the deals that day are crazy. It’s the perfect time to knock out White Elephant gifts and Christmas gifts. You know you have friends and family members that enjoy some dank buds. Hop on those deals, get flower, vapes, tinctures, wax and edibles and use them as stocking stuffers. Plan to leave a joint and orange juice out for Santa and if you see your chimney smoking, you know he showed up. Spread the holiday cheer with those Green Wednesday deals.

Why Green Wednesday Is As Important As The Turkey On Thanksgiving

Every important well balanced meal must contain some greens. The turkey is just as important as the flower. This is the moment you make eye contact with your cousin.
Sneak off for thirty minutes before dinner time. Bond over a blunt. Now that sesh is over, the feast begins. The bud literlity enhances the flavor of every bite you take. Your plate looks like a war zone and before some take their first bite, you’re already on your second plate. After you’ve consumed half of the Thanksgiving meal, get ready for dessert and inhale more of the trees you picked up on Green Wednesday.
And that’s how you have a high Thanksgiving with all the sauce.