If he’s around, someone’s laughing. Known for his hilarious yet sometimes crude comedy, D’Sean Ross has always cracked the jokes. Although he started comedy on a dare, he’s worked hard to make a career and a name for himself. Originally from Riverside, Calif. Ross eventually made his way to Los Angeles shortly after graduating from California State University, Fullerton with B.A. in Radio, TV and Film.

“I chose comedy because the feeling of making people laugh was amazing, knowing I could change someone’s day from bad to good."
Los Angeles comedian D’Sean Ross is not only known for his silly antics and jokes, but has also made a number of television appearances.

Since he launched his career, he’s performed at a number of Los Angeles comedy clubs including Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Calif. as well as a number of Improv’s and Funny Bones clubs throughout the U.S. Furthermore, he’s performed on the Tom Joyner Show, MTV’s Yo Mama, the Steve Harvey Show. He is also a BET Comic View comedian and appeared in Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes.

“I chose comedy because the feeling of making people laugh was amazing,” Ross said. “Knowing I could change someone’s day from bad to good.”

On the topic of cannabis use, Ross shared he’s not a smoker, but will sometimes dabble in some edibles. With a laugh, he admitted he’s gotten too high for his liking and gets a contagious case of giggles.

  1. Where are you from? 
  2. I am from Riverside, Calif.  I went to California State University, Fullerton and I have a B.A. in radio, tv and film.
  4. How did you get into stand-up comedy? 
  5. I got into stand-up on a dare from a comedian while at a comedian show and have been doing it ever since. 
  7. Why did you choose comedy?
  8. I chose comedy because the feeling of being able to make people laugh was amazing, knowing I could change someone’s day from bad to good. 
  10. How did you become successful?
  11. I got successful by stepping out on faith and driving cross country. I stopped multiple states performing at clubs by simply talking to the bookers when I got to town. 
  2. What stresses and obstacles have you confronted in comedy?
  3. Stress is when I was not working as a comedian but I took care of that by going on the road.
  5. How did you discover your passion for comedy?
  6. Comedy was something I loved since I was a baby. 
  8. How long have you been doing comedy?
  9. I’ve been in comedy for 17 years.
  11. Where do you hope to go from here and what are your plans for the future?
  12. I plan on being on television and movies more often and able to help other young comedians.

 D’Sean Ross caught up with CampNova to discuss the beginning of his career and how he’s been weathering the pandemic.

  1. Is it true that comedians offstage are generally loners and fairly quiet? 
  2. I’m not lonely, but definitely quiet.
  4. What type of comedy do you do?
  5. My comedy is what I live or based on my experiences.
  7. Do you observe situations and create comedy or can you create comedy just in your head?
  8. I rebuttal the truth but with some twists, I can also create from nothing. 
  10.  What career advice would you share with other comedians transitioning or aspiring to launch into your field?  
  11. I encourage comedians to video themselves every time they get on stage watch and post also to make an online presence for themselves. 
  13. Do you crack jokes in real life or are you quiet/serious? 
  14. I do make people laugh in real life but don’t crack jokes on purpose. 
  16. How has the pandemic affected your personal life, business, career and family life — Good? Bad? Both? 
  17. The pandemic made me stop touring but it also made me focus on my social media life.
  19.  What inspires you?
  20. Life and my family inspire me.