8 Straightforward FAQs On How Much Is Weed Beyond One Gram

an eighth of cannabis

Buying weed can be overwhelming when you don’t know how much weed is or what the measurements are. Budtenders tend to rush you when the line is backed up, leaving you confused AF. Don’t fret. Our CampNova editors have the measurements broken down in the easiest way to understand.

How Much Is Weed?

Just like cannabis and its collection of nicknames, weed measurements have slang names too.

How Much Is Weed? A Confused Nick Young
Trying to calculate how much weed is in a gram, a zip or an O can be confusing.

1. How much is weed as one gram?

1 milligram = 1 gram

A dime bag is a small plastic bag of weed right at a gram or under. One of the smallest weed measurements available for purchase is the gram. And no, not grandma. A gram is actually one milligram. You’ve probably heard someone ask, “How much is a dime bag?” or “How much is 10-sack?” 

A gram of weed and how much is weed?
A gram of weed is enough to roll a full cone or to break up into two smaller half gram joints.

Those are just slang terms for a gram. Don’t let the slang confuse you on pricing, just because you hear dime or 10 doesn’t mean the cost of the gram is the same. The cost of a gram can range between $5-$20 and depends on the quality of the cannabis, where you are buying it from, considering sales tax which varies in different states and shops. You also want to take into account, if it’s a pre-roll which can also vary in price. 

Though just a gram, you can stretch it out for a couple days by packing bowls. Either with a bong or a pipe, you can pack about five to six bowls or you can roll two joints or a fat blunt. 

Dime bags can also be a tad in-between one gram and an eighth of weed. In some instances, a dub, or dub sack, is 2 grams of weed and can fit in one or even two small baggies.

2. How much is weed as an eighth of weed?

1 eighth = eight ounce = 3.5 gram

You don’t need to be a mathematician to figure this one out. An eighth weighs out to 3.5 grams, so if you see this ⅛ it means that 3.5 grams goes into an ounce eight times. You may have heard your homie say,” how much is a slice” or “how much is a half-quarter” that’s slang for an eighth. 

an eighth of cannabis
What the slice looks like right before the bud is grinded up and packed into a blunt or joint.

The eighth is the most common weed measurement purchased at shops and the average cost ranges from $15-$60, depending on where you get it. Do not get confused when you hear the term dub, a dub isn’t quite an eighth, it’s a 20, meaning you’re paying $20 for weed. You can roll about six joints and three fat blunts with an eighth or fit it into one fat backwood if you’re feeling hazy.

3. How much is weed as a quarter of weed?

1 quarter = fourth ounce = 7 grams

Let’s say you have two eighths. So by combining them — the total amount would add up to a quarter. When you hear quarter, I’m not talking about 25 cents, I’m talking seven grams. What is a quarter you might ask, it’s ¼ of an ounce, the slang term would be, “quad.” 

The average cost of a quarter ranges between $40-$90 depending on quality and location. You can twist big with a quad. You can roll about seven blunts or 12 joints. This amount would be great for a weekend trip. So now you won’t have to ask, “how much is a quad”, because you’ll have it covered. 

4. How much is weed as a half ounce of weed?

1 half = half ounce = 14 grams

Let’s talk half-ounces. A half-ounce also known as a half-o or half-zip weighs out to 14 grams and can break down into two quarters or even four eighths. Wow! Cannabis math is fun, right?. A half-o can range between $70-$160 and once again cost varies due to quality and location.

5. How much is weed as an ounce of weed?

1 ounce = 28 grams

The ounce is also known as a zip or an “O.” An ounce can break down into — two half ounces, four quarters, eight eighths and 28 grams. The price of a zip can range between $80-$280. You can roll up to 28 blunts and more than 50 joints with an ounce. You’re going to be hiiiiigh, AF! 

an ounce of cannabis
When your homie ask if you want to go in on a zip or a half O, but you have no clue what those words mean.

6. How much is weed as a pound? 

1 pound = 16 ounces = 448 grams

  • Quarter-pound
    The quarter pounder, with no cheese but mad trees, breaks easily into a nice amount of nugs. Also known as a QP, the quarter pound is four ounces and 113.4 grams of weed. The average cost of a QP ranges from $300-$800. You’ll have a blunt party worth of marijuana!! Having fat smoke sesh with friends and plenty more to go around.
  • Half pound
    The half pound, sometimes, called the “half-p.” The half p can range anywhere from $400-$2200, that all depends on quality and where you buy the marijuana. 
  • Full pound
    The pound has many nicknames. Some call it the  unit, the bag, the pack and the one used mostly, the P. The P can break down into two half pounds, four QPs,16 ounces, 453 grams and 906 half gram joints. That could be enough for a doobie a day for almost three years. The price on the P can go from anywhere between $800-$4200. The price jump takes into consideration different qualities, from straight dry outdoor to rare exotic strains. This fluctuation will always happen depending on the quality of the cannabis and location. 

7. What are the weed strains — Sativa, Indica and Hybrids

  • Sativa: For those days where you’re lacking energy, sativa is the way to go. For that euphoric uplifting high, strains like Blue Dream and Jack Herer are some of the more popular marijuana strains. Sativa’s are typically used during the day when you’re trying to be productive.
  • Indica: When dealing with bad insomnia or just having a little trouble sleeping — indica will get you right. Indica also works as a sedative for pain and helps build appetite. Strains like Fire OG or Wedding Cake are known for their relaxation and euphoric effects.
  • Hybrid: For a mixed high — indica dominant or sativa dominant, the hybrid bud is the answer. It’s a high featuring the best of both worlds in the same flower. Strains like Dosi-Cake or even celebrity cannabis stain collaboration with Cookies, Gary Payton, hits with a phenomenal high. 

8. What is quality weed?

When talking about quality you want to use four out of your five senses: touch, smell, sight and taste. By touching your flower you can tell if it’s fresh or not, a little squeeze can turn a beautiful nug into powder, which is not good.

You want to look for weed that is sticky and hard to break down, that’s where a grinder comes in handy. The smell is a great giveaway when it comes to weed, the stronger the smell the better the bud, unless it smells like literal trash, avoid that.

When using the gift of sight, if it’s green with some frosty trichomes with orange hairs you’re in the clear but if it’s brown with tons of seeds, yell, “Kobe” and send it flying to the trash.

Last is the biggest giveaway to determine if its quality or not, the taste. There are so many different stains with tons of different flavors, from fruity to piney, you can even taste peppery flavors. This is what you should look for in quality weed, if it tastes dry and harsh, it’s not quality. And if smoking isn’t your thing, it’s ok may be a whirl in cannabis infused beverages may be more your speed.