One of the biggest issues stoners deal with when trying to exhale the stress that work brings — is smoking at work and not getting caught. But, there are ways to become a weed ninja and be high in plain sight and no one would know.

When And Where To Smoke At Work

When smoking at work, timing is everything. Take your smoke breaks on your actual breaks. Quick and short breaks go for about 15 minutes. It may not be enough time to smoke a bowl or a joint but just enough time to excuse yourself for a quick “bathroom” break at your car for a fat rip on the vape.
If your vape has a stronger weed smell or you’re taking a fatter hit, there’s a trick to hide the smoke. All you need is a toilet paper roll, a dryer sheet and a rubber band handy. Cut the dryer sheet in half, get one of the pieces and cap the toilet paper tube and use the rubber band to hold it in place.
With the other piece of the sheet, you have to stuff it in the other end of the tube, that way when you’re taking your hit, you can blow the smoke through with no smell and very light smoke. If this is too complicated you can purchase a Smoke Buddy, a personal air filter that works the same. 
If you forget to bring your supplies, walk away from your office building and blow the smoke in the opposite direction.
If you are blessed with more time to sneak in a smoke sesh, use it. With a lunch break that can last from 30 minutes to an hour, you now have the opportunity to take a little walk and find a low key smoke spot five to 10 minutes away from work. Staying a good distance away from work will decrease your chances of getting caught. If you have a car, use it, hop in or find a chill spot to enjoy your break to the fullest. If this is the path you choose, remember to bring your tools.

Having The Right Tools

It is very important to have the right tools when trying to smoke at work. The key thing is having the right strain to smoke. You don’t want anything too heavy like an indica. Indicas could potentially put you to sleep or make you feel very slooooow. Stick with a sativa strain like Blue Dream when at work, it’s uplifting and energetic. This will keep you productive. You dont wanna get caught high or asleep at work — that’s a double negative.
Keep a lighter with a small pipe pre-packed or a pre-roll handy. The rolling process is messy, plus you don’t want weed on your clothes. If you want to avoid smelling like weed, switch up and use a vape.
Don’t like flowers very much, try some concentrates. There are tons of different devices to use when smoking wax. Taking a fat dab using your Kandypens mond or a Puffco piece. Wax produces a great high with the least amount of smell, it doesn’t linger around like a one night stand. Concentrates like Apple Fritter from West Coast Cures Selections and even Gelato shatter from Lime will get you “stoney bologna.” Remember, the goal is to get high and not caught, know your limits.

The Edible Options

To avoid smoke altogether, check out the edible selection at your local shops. There’s a wide variety of edibles in the market. From Kanha gummies, snickerdoodle edible cookies by Dr.Norms and cannabis infused beverages like Green Monke.
But make sure you microdose. Some edibles can be very strong ranging from 100mg to 1000 mgs. Read the instructions and pay attention to how much you consume, you don’t want to be too litty at work.
Be Sure To Hide The Smell
All you need is hand sanitizer to get that weed smell off your hands. Spray cologne or perfume to hide the smell on your clothes because if it’s that loud, it’s a must. Bring an extra shirt just in case the smell doesn’t go away.
If your breath wasn’t kickin already, it’s definitely smelling like something now. Make sure to have some gum or mints to pop. Do not walk in with red eyes. Red or glassy eyes are a dead giveaway. Keep a bottle of Visine to clear the redness. You can’t always use the excuse that you’re tired or just woke up — it’s not going to work everytime.

The 2 p.m. Munchies

You will be hungry. Be prepared. Pack a snack like a candy bar, chips or even a sandwich with chips. Anything to curb your appetite. Don’t forget to have a soda or juice, too. Ignore the “I don’t need it.” You will. Cotton mouth sucks. Don’t end up like Spongebob. Stay hydrated.

Do Not Snitch On Yourself

Being high can sometimes bring on a bout of paranoia. Your paranoid ass is likely to end up snitching on yourself. Don’t be your own worst enemy when high. Chill TF out. Focus. Stay on task. Try not to slip up and share with anyone you’re high. Keep yourself composed. If you find it hard to talk when high, keep to yourself and stay quiet. If you can’t keep it together, maybe you shouldn’t smoke at the nine-to-five and wait to smoke after work.
Disclaimer —
CampNova is not responsible if you get caught smoking or high at work. Be responsible when smoking weed or ingesting edibles. Know your limits. And whatever you do, don’t smoke and drive.