Los Angeles Artist’s Phallic Lamps and Mini Boob Gardens Arouses Interest

Clutching the phallic penis to her chest, Arite Terra, a resin artist from Los Angeles, candidly explained the inspiration behind the unique and custom handmade pieces of racy tongue-in-cheek penis-themed art.

Super Apple Pie’s Sexual Art

And while some may find her pieces as eyebrow-raising artwork, Terra, also known as Super Apple Pie said it allows her to express herself freely. But her art isn’t just a colorful resin collection of penis lamps. It also features supple breast and 3-D vagina’s akin to the “Mother of American modernism,” Georgia O’Keeffe’s genitalia art — flowers represented by female sex organ, but in this contemporary expression as lamps and miniature boob gardens.

Artie Terra Penis Art CampNova
Artie Terra also creates 2-dimensional drawings that depict penises in a different perspective. Photo Credit: Courtesy Artie Terra

Furthermore, her work also includes 2-dimensional pieces of art, such as drawings, paintings, and prints, which are made up of shapes that depict penises and vaginas with a sensual yet tastefully empowering touch.


“Through my artwork,” Terra said. “I love to express humor and reality especially when it comes to body positivity and equality.”


Terra uses epoxy, mixing two-component — a liquid resin and a suitable hardener, also known as “Resin Art,” to create her pieces. And by doing so she integrates cannabis into her pieces either through naming them after a weed strain or by incorporating cannabis into the piece.

Artie Terra’s penis lamp. Photo Credit: Courtesy Artie Terra

Cannabis, just as controversial as genitalia, seemed a formidable combination that inspired her to be bold, she shared. But most of all, it welcomed her into a community of weed smokers who immediately embraced her artwork.

“I feel the stigma of cannabis is rooted in the same fear we have for body positivity, equality and mental health,” she said. “My goal with my art is to spark people’s imagination in a hope to change the stigma.”

Vagina Artie Terra Lamp CampNova
Artie Terra’s vagina art has been likened to Georgia O'Keeffe’s sensual and empowering genitalia art by some of her art fans. Photo Credit: Courtesy Artie Terra

Erotic Art Work To Eveyday Cannabis Use It’s Super Apple Pie

  1. Why did you choose your field of study and/or line of work?
    I believe my soul has always been one of an artist and for most of my life I’ve rebelled against it. I spent five years as a set dresser and prop maker for a YouTube company. Then six years after bouncing around in the cannabis industry and until last year, 2020, I realized I wasn’t being true to myself. The fear of not being good enough was holding me back from being the artist I am meant to become.
  3. How did you become successful in your field of study and/or line of work?
  4. The biggest success I feel I have achieved is being true to my art and coming into my own in my artistic esthetic and being comfortable with being my true self as an artist. Through my transformation I have been able to connect and surround myself with some truly extraordinary people. As most artists, monetary success is what I am still working on.
Artie Terra said she found ways to be creative and expressive through her art and weed. Photo Credit: Courtesy Artie Terra
Artie Terra said she found ways to be creative and expressive through her art and weed. Photo Credit: Courtesy Artie Terra
  1. What stresses and obstacles have you confronted in your occupation? 
  2. Deciding to make yourself a business is not easy, specifically when you just want to live in your own fantasy world. I’ve had to learn how to market myself as well as my artwork. I am learning how to time a piece while I’m making it so I know how much it will cost and figuring out how to create packaging so it can be recycled. For me the hardest task is marketing. I’m an introverted person and I really have to make the effort to communicate with the outside world. Cannabis has been a big help for that. 
  1. What is a typical day at work for you like?
    I get up, make coffee, feed Mr.B, my studio cat, reset my art station and roll a joint. Then my days are broken down into — finding places I think my art would fit like galleries, art shops/pop-ups, dispensaries, sexy shops and art competitions. I then spend time reaching out to those locations and people. Next, there’s posting on social media while meeting new people on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin. I watch live streams and finally the fun part — creating art.


  3. What career advice would you share with other women transitioning or aspiring to launch into your field?
    Be honest to yourself, know your goals, ask questions of your peers and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. They are all steps to a better understanding. Know that you are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but if you are being respectful and authentic don’t let others dictate what you do.


  5. What inspires you?
    Mostly nature. For example, we care and respect the female cannabis plant but don’t have the same care for the females of our own species. How the roots of a tree match the veins in our bodies. I am inspired by the interconnections of the world we call home.


  7. What does your artwork represent to you?
    Through my artwork, I love to express humor and reality especially when it comes to body positivity and equality. My most recent body of work is what I refer to as ‘body positive fantasy’. I feel that at some point, people stopped loving themselves and forgot about kindness towards each other. With that in mind I thought, ‘What kind of art would make people question themselves? What kind of art would make the biggest statement?’ These questions have led me into an exploration into genitalia art. 

Artie Terra said before exploring genitalia art she was making pieces to please everyone else until, but has found a new form of creativity through her erotic yet sensual pieces of work.

Video Credit: Nadya Nataly/CampNova

  1. What is the reaction you get from people when they are face-to-face with your artwork?
    People tend to project their own body shame and fear onto my work. I get asked a lot what is up with my “obsession is with penises.” I find it interesting why the word obsession is specifically used. But it’s all good at the end of the day. When people talk to me and start looking at my art as a form of body positivity they gain a new way to think about how they view the world.


  2. How do you connect your artwork with weed?
    I feel the stigma of cannabis is rooted in the same fear we have for body positivity, equality and mental health. My goal with my art is to spark people’s imagination in a hope to change the stigma.


  3. How does weed inspire your art? I have health issues that left me feeling sick all the time, to the point that I was never hungry and tired all the time. If it wasn’t for cannabis I would not be the functioning human I am today. The plant itself gave me my appetite back and the people I have met in the industry gave me the support I needed to become the artist I am today. 

Artie Terra candidly said cannabis saved her life by waking up her appetite which encouraged her to eat more.

Video Credit: Nadya Nataly/CampNova

  1. When and at what age did you start using cannabis? CBD products? Tell us about your first experience with either or both. 
  2. I first used cannabis as a teen, 14, but I really fell in love with cannabis at 23. That’s when I noticed that it really helped with my anxiety and my appetite. I remember my first time smoking weed with my friend on the beach and I kept telling him “I’m not high, I’m not high” but also giggling uncontrollably so clearly I was high lol. Also could not have asked for a better first time, with good friends on the beach watching the sunset.


  4.  Which do you prefer — indica, sativa, hybrid? All of the above. Why? All three have their uses, if I’m socializing I’d like a nice hybrid. If I’m in my studio, sativa at night and usually indica when my body is hurting/aching.

  7.  How do you integrate cannabis and/or CBD into your routine?
  8. I use cannabis everyday. I even started growing cannabis in the backyard. So even when I’m not ingesting it I’m talking to a cannabis plant. I smoke a little bit with my morning coffee, then again after lunch and before bed. 
Artie Terra connects vaginas, penises, cannabis flower and art to create intricate art pieces. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Artie Terra
  1.  What do you like about cannabis and/or CBD? I wouldn’t say I “like” cannabis, I love it lol the look of the plants, the flavors, the colors! The possibilities of what you can make from it; cloths, plastics, paper. Humans and cannabis can do amazing things together. I’m a big fan.

  2.  What positive effects does cannabis and/or CBD have on you? Cannabis has made me the strong woman I am today, from friends I’ve made on the way and the education I got through the cannabis industry it’s a big part of my life.

  3.  What is your favorite cannabis strain and/or products? Why? For classic strains I like blue dream. When I’m feeling fancy I love flavors with a lot of terpenes, like pineapple upside down cake or ninja fruit.

  4. What is your favorite CBD product? Why? Clade 9 is one of the best pre-rolls I’ve ever tasted, it’s never dry and very clean. Perfect on the go.

  5.  What are your thoughts on decriminalization and the legalization of cannabis? I think that legalization has opened up the conversation about cannabis which is super important. The possibilities for growth are exciting and new, there’s still a lot of work to be done like the work no prisoners left behind is doing or 40tons, LBCC, LBCA. It’s beautiful to see the passion and hard work they are doing. Like every industry with an influx of wealth there is a power struggle, my best advice to anyone (customers and industry workers) would be do your homework. Support the brands and dispensaries doing the work to change policies, and people who care about the product they are providing. Since this is such a new industry we have the power to shape the future of it.

  6.  What do you do to unwind after a long day of work? Work week? My favorite day is Saturday with good weed, good friends and a card game called unstable unicorns. For the end of the day a good half hour with my cat and an infused tea lifts my spirits.

 Is there anything else you would like to share about you, your artwork and your favorite type of weed strains that wasn’t asked? Super Apple Pie is the personification of a figment of my imagination. She is my muse of creativity and a force to be reckoned with, by both existing and non-existing at the same time. She is the child, the mother and the crone. She is every person who has inspired & supported me throughout my life; she is you, she is me.

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