CampNova Expands Its Media Reach Into Flipboard’s Community Of 145 Million

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Los Angeles (Friday, August 27, 2021): CampNova is a staple in the cannabis industry and is now expanding its media reach into Flipboard in an effort to educate more people about the cannabis space. CampNova originally started as a non-plant-touching lifestyle technology platform. But through its fast-paced growth, it is also transforming into a  media platform covering cannabis news with feature stories surrounding the world of cannabis. Flipboard, is a curated platform for people around the world, with original stories and curated content from publishers. 

By integrating its news stories into a platform like Flipboard, CampNova aims to not just talk about the fundamentals of cannabis, but share stories that spotlight the contemporary cannabis culture featuring California’s infamous weed.

“For 90 percent of our audience, it is important to be well-informed,” said Gabriella Schwarz, Flipboard’s managing editor. “Working closely with some of the world’s best publishers ensures people are presented with high-quality stories.”  

CampNova’s editorial features world-renowned personalities, including  Grammy Award-Winning artist, 2 Chainz and legendary photographer, Mick Rock. Our stories also include a few “how to guide” articles and even a few cool stories about products and brands such as Lil Wayne’s Gkua, Carlos Santa’s Mirayo, Xzibit’s Naplam, Ice Cube’s Fryday Kush and Broccoli Brands.

Beyond the stories, CampNova also has exclusive access to some of Los Angeles’ premier and VIP cannabis events expected to be featured on Flipboard and  Through Flipboard, CampNova will be able to reach its 145 million subscribers worldwide and make it easy to discover, share and comment on cannabis culture, business, technology and entertainment — all curated by our editors.

“We appreciate Flipboard for allowing us and our cannabis community to express ourselves,” said Emery Morrison, Co-Founder of CampNova. “We are utilizing this as a way to educate others, stay together and share cannabis stories with the world.” 

According to Flipboard their mission is to surface great journalism to inform and inspire people about the world they live in, but in our case, the cannabis world. is now on Flipboard:

About CampNova: CampNova is an e-commerce, technology marketing platform developed by experienced cannabis entrepreneurs. A premier cannabis and CBD destination, CampNova is a direct-to-consumers platform featuring delivery partners throughout the state of California. CampNova features brands, bonus limited edition exclusive releases from celebrities featuring pro-athletes, actors and influencers. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles and Oakland, Calif. 

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