DoggTalk 1 Gram Infused Pre-Roll Lemon Cake


Type of Strain: Ice Cream Cake


DoggTalk NFTs’ 1-Gram, (2 Half-Gram) Infused Pre-Rolls, Lemon Cake features top-shelf, organic cannabis flower infused with crumble. Lemon Cake is 52.8% THC, sativa-dominant. An instant mood-boosting, Lemon Cake has sweet and musky aromas. It’s the delicious flower to private stock and integrate into the early wake and bake.

DoggTalk NFTs’ Infused Pre-Roll, Lemon Cake is part of the first class of true value NFTs with real-life experiences released and associated with an NFT collection. Through CampNova, DoggTalk NFT brings the Metaverse to life by providing NFT collectors to access top-selling signature highly potent strains and other consumer packaged goods.