RAW | Wiz Khalifa Supernatural 280mm Pre-Rolled Cones


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Wiz championed hard for our original cones, so naturally we had to make The Wiz Cone. Made from RAW Natural Unrefined paper and rolled expertly to a conical shape, the Wiz Cone is as easy to fill as it is smooth to smoke.

The WIZ KHALIFA Supernatural is individually packaged and comes with its very own poker. The Wiz Khalifa Supernatural is a 12″ long cone and perfect for smoking your favorite tobacco. Smoke them with friends or share them at parties.

Natural, Unrefined Paper
Unbleached, Chlorine Free
Run-Preventing Watermark
Slow and Smooth Burn
12″ Pre-Rolled Cone
Great for Parties
Packing Tool Included
Cones/Pack: 1