Mirayo by Santana | Strawberry Banana Pre-Rolls 5pk (2.5g) – Indica


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Tin of five 1/2-gram pre-rolls. Cultivated with artisanal craft and traditional patience, our products brim with the natural qualities prized by spiritual seekers.

Centered | Indica – Toward inner peace, insightful stillness and transcendence of the physical state.

THC – 28.8%

Strawberry Banana inherited a sweet, fruity flavor, hence the name. Like many strong indica’s, Strawberry Banana has a high that builds slowly, often taking several minutes after smokers have savored its unique taste before fully revealing its effects. Users will eventually feel a sharpened sensory perception, and may feel like certain sights or sounds have taken on a psychedelic component. These trippy — but not entirely cerebral — effects can be well suited to enjoyment of low-key movies and music; they may also be just the thing for a long walk or a hike.