Nova Apes 1G Infused Pre-Roll Pineapple OG


Type of Strain: Ice Cream Cake


Included in the Nova Apes Collection is BAYC #4065 is a limited edition 1G Infused Pre-Roll of Pineapple OG featuring Gold-Rilla BAYC #4065. Gold-Rilla is also known as crypto-rapper Spottie Wifi’s hype ape. Aside from releasing music, Gold-Rilla’s Pineapple OG is the first of many other exclusive drops. Gold-Rilla’s team is on the verge of releasing additional cannabis strains and other products. 

Nova Apes 1-Gram, (2 Half-Gram) Infused Pre-Rolls, Pineapple OG features top-shelf, organic cannabis flower infused with crumble.Pineapple OG is 54.2% THC, an  indica-dominant hybrid. A strain with robust flavors, it has been said its like sweet ripe fruits and gas. It has a relaxing and appetite-boosting effect so have snacks ready.

Nova Apes is one of CampNova’s utility services for Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT IP art holders. By partnering with CampNova,Gold-Rilla BAYC #4065 brings the Metaverse to life by accessing top-selling signature highly potent strains and other consumer packaged goods.