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When the homies visited LA, despite their reputable East Coast  “cannaisseurs” ranks — my Cannabis 101 was in session. I had to plainly break down marijuana. If not, we’d be rolling “$100 OG” or premium marijuana for shits and giggles. 

“Sativas are going to give you a jolt of energy,” I explained as I reached for the rolling papers.

Perhaps it was the variation of their highs that raised eyebrows, but there’s this — “Aha!” moment when I “expertly” detail their high on sativas, indicas or hybrids.

“And you should feel your head high…. NOW,” I told my homie while he suspiciously stared at me dumbfoundedly high.

People's Heads Were Exploding

Moving to Los Angeles meant getting my first medicinal marijuana card. I admit I was a complete novice. Even the doctor who prescribed the card, didn’t offer advice on what to try for pain or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, issues.


“Indica, in da couch,” he said. “And sativa was for daytime use.”

There was no cool rhyme for sativa.


I wasn’t an avid smoker on the East Coast. I’d typically smoked whatever my friends got from the local weedman. At that point, it is a Russian roulette of weed of different names with promises of “THE” ultimate high. The highest of the highest.


Just like Kat Williams — “This shit here…” my friends bragged too. And with everyone claiming to have “the dankest shit,” that wasn’t necessarily always true. Everytime I blazed it was a different experience. I didn’t know if it would bless me with the muse to a masterpiece or knock me out for the night with my clothes on.

Does Knowing The Difference Matter?

Weed is weed. Roll it. Light it. Toke it. Pass it. Weed is mother fucking weed. No disputing that EVER. But here’s the thing… 

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Knowing the difference between a sativa, indica and hybrid, you smoke differently. The simplicity of sweet knowing changes the way you buy weed, too. In legal states, there’s no more high guessing. Potheads these days know exactly what they’re buying. 


The truth is, buying and smoking legal weed is no longer a novelty. Becoming a contemporary smoker in a legal state means knowing what the literal fuck you’re sparking. There’s no easier way to say this, but finding your specific preference between sativa, indica and hybrid is a game changer. 


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Breakfast Of Champions With Sativa

My mornings start with a sativa. Sativas are uplifting, energizing and often come with a cerebral high. In the early part of the day it’s motivating. Personally, it is the best start to the day and way better than coffee, promise.

I typically spark up a creative strain like Blue Dream before taking a shower. While I smoke, I plan my day. If you ever get a chance to start off your day with a high shower do that shit. 

Sativas are good for getting high when you have things to do. Depending on the strain it can get you focused, mellow you out or teleport you into a creative mood. If you get the right strain it can do all three.

If you start your day with a workout you must try something like Sour Diesel. The energetic high boosts any athletic activity. Working out high helps zone out and focus on the workout. It most definitely helps with muscle soreness. I usually smoke before doing cardio, too. On sativa, I clank metal harder. I hardly notice how long I’ve been exercising. If you don’t have access to a gym or to cardio equipment, smoking a joint and walking around your neighborhood instantly turns it into your own National Geographic show.

Smoking On The Job: Sativa Versus Hybrid

If your job is 420 friendly, blaze up. Take advantage of that shit, but it’s imperative to be conscious of what you’re blazing. Here’s the crossover. Depending what you do for a living and how you react to different strains dictates what you can and can’t smoke at work. Sativas are good in general but if you want to step it up try a hybrid. Hybrids range from sativa dominant to indica dominant so you have to figure out your own sweet spot. 


I prefer a 60/40 sativa-indica blend whenever I get the chance. I like how it gets my thoughts flowing and a little bit of a body high but no sleepy high. Hybrids are the strain that keeps on giving the best of both worlds but with an effect you want to feel.


I like the indica attributes of hybrids for pain management. It’s a lot better to take a few puffs at your lunch break than popping pills that are gonna put you on your ass and end your productivity. 


Don’t get fired though. And if you learned anything from the movie Friday. You could get fired on your day off like Craig for stupid shit. So I urge you to be a responsible pothead and don’t mess it up for the rest of us blazing up at work, too.


Happy Hour with Hybrids

After work, I lean towards indica dominant hybrids, IDH. I like the relaxation and body high. On an IDH, I’m in chill mode listening to music. It hits differently, too.  With a body high on a hybrid, I find myself analyzing the lyrics as I feel the beat. 


But the highlight of my evening is that video game weed. That’s where you zone out to NBA 2K living your hoop dreams. Catch me balling throwing free throws from downtown — high AF. Hybrids give a groove type of high and video games only add to its sorcery. 


Finally In Da Couch

It’s strictly indica after dinner. The day is over and you’re done with all of your responsible adult shit it’s time to treat yourself. Get ready to kiss the sky.  Get that dank that OG Kush.

Indica is best for when you can unwind. It’s great for pain and it gives you that body high. Also expect to get sleepy but that’s what it’s supposed to do. The second best thing about indica is that if you smoke too much the worst that will happen is that you’ll just fall asleep. No paranoia no crazy shit you might get a bit hungry then you fall the fuck asleep.

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The best thing about indica is the body high that I mentioned a few times before. If you think taking a high shower on sativa was good in the morning try an indica shower in the evening. It feels like the first time water has ever touched your body and the water is from unicorn tears. It’s almost better than sex. Almost.

I Did Say, ‘Almost’

If you think taking a high shower is great you should totally have sex on indica. The high goes through your whole body. Wanna take it up a notch? Try the Queen & Pharaoh THC Arousal Oil and combine it with the Queen & Pharaoh THC lubricant oil. 

One word: Explosive.


I’m not guaranteeing better performance. I’m saying that it’s gonna feel even better so be cautious — try not to get her pregnant. And just as a don’t say I didn’t tell you disclaimer, try following up with sober sex just to make sure you don’t get whipped after having sex high. There’s plenty of options out there for you. Just figure out how you want to feel and when you want to feel it. It’s not a competition, enjoy your journey. 


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And of course, everyone in LA knows that the best way to reup or to buy weed is to get it delivered and pay for it with a credit card. Going to the dispensary is for peasants. I smoke while waiting for my cannabis. What do you do? 


CampNova and Hellapaxx, along with Smoke On The Water are three online sites that actually take credit cards — another game changer.