Spottie Wifi — Changing The Trajectories Of Hip Hop And The Blockchain

Spottie Wifi made music industry history by changing how musical artists release music and move into the blockchain. It's 4/20 in the Metaverse! Spottie Wifi and Gold-Rilla are making history again.

‘Weed Opens Up Dimensions of My Own Creative Mind’

Los Angeles’ DJ Inferno discusses the highs and lows of his career, how weed helps in the studio and how he plans on spending 2022.

Los Angeles Artist’s Phallic Lamps and Mini Boob Gardens Arouses Interest

Clutching the phallic penis to her chest, Artie Terra, a resin artist from Los Angeles, candidly explained the inspiration behind the unique and custom handmade pieces of racy tongue-in-cheek penis-themed art.

‘Comedy Chose Me’ — Manny Maldonado

Los Angeles comedian, Manny Maldonado has been cracking jokes for the last 22 years. In this interview with CampNova he talks about his career stressors and the inspiration for his jokes.

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