2 Joints & A Nugget: Smoking Marijuana With Victoria

two marijuana joints and a nug

‘I Was A Late Bloomer’

A group of high school buddies, determined to smoke marijuana, huddled discreetly. Once we got to a secluded spot down a hidden hiking trail. They passed the joint. I got nervous.

 “What would it be like to be high,” I wondered as the blunt stirred a wave of smoke on the verge of crashing into me. 

Smoking Marijuana With Victoria
Smoking and freely discovering cannabis has introduced me to a lot of marijuana strains.

I am one of those people that grew up curious about marijuana and planned to be open-minded if it ever came in my direction. I wanted to know what it was like to feel high.

And in the moment of truth, I panicked. 

I passed it to the left.

I Finally Smoked Marijuana

I guess you can say I was a late bloomer when it comes to marijuana. Since she left my hands, I didn’t get to see her until college.

She handed me two joints and a nugget, “for later,” she said with a warm smile.

I was with my brother, Eddie, and his friend, Victoria, geeking over photography, when she walked over to an impressively, enormous life-size bong. 

She handed me two joints and a nugget, “for later,” she said with a warm smile.

After she hotboxed the living room with one hit of marijuana from the bong, Victoria offered me a hit. I went for it. The moment was not going to slip away again. I ripped a big fat one. 

I felt sick to my stomach and like I had to puke. Victoria and my brother helped me outside to catch my breath and relax. I felt an instant panic attack as soon as the cool Los Angeles evening wind hit my face. 

After a few deep, deep breaths, everything was so clear. I felt a cool freeze. I gave my brother a thumbs up and with Victoria’s help, I nestled into the couch. Fixated on the movie “Without A Paddle” I zoned out until the pizza showed up. 

The warm cheesy smell woke me up from a pleasant trance. My stomach rumbled like it was the first time it felt hungry. 

“You have the munchies,” Victoria whispered as she handed me a slice of pizza on a disposable plate. 

I nodded and reached for the plate. Taking a bite, I practically swallowed the entire slice. I slowly got up and made my way to the pizza on the kitchen counter. After I loaded my plate with two slices of pizza, I left the plate on the counter. I took the pizza box instead and sat on the floor in front of the television. 

After the pizza feast, I saw the two joints and nuggets that Victoria handed me before the bong rip. 

“Yes,” my insides gleed. 

I reached for a lighter and sparked a joint. Coughing violently through a couple of hits, I passed it to Victoria who was nonchalantly sitting on the couch, painting her fingernails while my brother rummaged around for a beer bottle opener. 

I fell asleep watching The Eric Andre Show.

The Day After

I woke up to Victoria in the kitchen frying bacon and my brother smoking a joint at the breakfast table. As I peeled myself off the couch, I saw a roach, a joint, and a nugget on the coffee table. 

“Hit the nug in the bowl,” Victoria said from the kitchen. 

Picking up the nug, I held it to my nose. 

“Sativa,” Victoria said as she snuck up behind me.

She packed the bowl for me and showed me how to – hold it so I could light it and smoke it.

I admired her. I felt the tingling of a crush coming on and wanted to kiss her. But my breath was stanky and I didn’t know if my brother liked her or not.

“Thank you,” I said as I reached for the bowl to smoke.

After breakfast, my brother and Victoria each lit a joint and smoked leisurely at the breakfast table. I remembered the joint on the coffee table and joined them for a post-breakfast smoke.

Diving Into Marijuana Strains

After getting accustomed to marijuana and learning about the different strains that include sativa, indicia, and hybrid, I experimented with a few. I observed how they made me feel and looked for the one I resonated with. 

I discovered Pineapple Express and sativa-hybrid dominants too. I loved the relaxing feeling. It even helped me be sociable whenever I was out with friends or acquaintances. Sativa is easily my top marijuana favorite and easily my two-go weed. 

Then there’s Trainwreck for the uplifted feeling. The Sativa-dominant strain gives off proactive energy. I always finish my day off with some delectable Bubba Kush OG Kush a kickback vibe. It is calming and one of the best Indica strains. 

All Things Considered

Trying marijuana can be intimidating. It’s not legal everywhere and no one wants to be stigmatized for cannabis. There are a lot of misconceptions about marijuana. 

Still, research and find how marijuana has helped people suffering from mental health issues or physical ailments. Some experts and cannabis advocates have also noted that marijuana is in many ways a better alternative than alcohol or other substances. 

When I speak with someone, that I’m cool and comfortable with, it makes the atmosphere better and feel less nerve-wracking. Research and plan. While I shared the highlight of my first-time cannabis experience, I didn’t go into the long research hours I spent reading and reviewing topics on marijuana. 

Every person’s experience is different from others, so it depends on the person and the type of strain a person smokes. Considering the kind of strain is also something to consider because every strain is different and has different effects. There are many informative sites with reliable information on marijuana strains or nearby shops that offer delivery services. It is also recommended to micro dose during the novice marijuana daze to find one’s footing. But at the end of the day, to chill and relax, marijuana might be “the go.” See what happens but proceed with caution and at your own risk but enjoy the ride.

CampNova Editorial contributed to this story.