What Are Other Names For Weed
Weed has a lot of different names depending on region, culture or age. People have been using weed for medicinal or recreational uses for a very long time that it is normal for it to have a lot of names. Weed is a commonly used word for marijuana and cannabis. It comes from it growing like a weed.
List of names for cannabis around the world
According to Green’s Dictionary of Slang, which has an immense collection of slang words, weed has about 1,200 slang terms. Those are a lot of words for just one plant. Weed or marijuana has been an illegal substance for many years and in some states, in the U.S. it is still illegal. It didn’t become legal in California until November 2016.
cannabis weed approved in California in 2016
As it turns out, people have gotten creative when talking about weed. There are way too many names for weed for this article to cover. Here is a list of names that you may have heard of or not. It depends on which one you want to use.

Basic Names

These are names everyone has probably heard of. These are very common and can be found used anywhere when talking about weed.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the origins of pot comes from the Spanish term “potiguaya,” which is the shortened word for “Potación de guaya.” ”Potación de guaya” is the name for a Spanish cannabis-infused wine or brandy. This does not mean it is the real origin but it is pretty close. The origin of pot is a bit uncertain.
This term is one of the most common terms used for weed. It came from the Mexican Spanish term “marihuana” or “mariguana.” Many of these other names derive from Spanish words. The Oxford English Dictionary details the term for weed derived from the Nahuatl word “malihuan,” which means prisoner. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, “Nahuatl is a group of closely related Uto-Aztecan languages that includes the speech of several peoples like the Aztecs of central and southern Mexico and Central America.”


We all know the word cannabis and probably have seen it very often. The origin of this word comes from Latin. This is the scientific word for weed — Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, or Cannabis ruderalis.
Obvious Names

This is an easy word to guess. Weed is green and grows like any other plant on the ground. It just makes sense to call it grass.


This is an easy word to guess. Weed is green and grows like any other plant on the ground. It just makes sense to call it grass.


This is another popular word used by weed users. It is used because it describes the different tastes and smells of the plant. It also can be used like any other herb to cook.

Mary Jane

This one is easy to guess. It is the English translation of Marijuana. Mari is Mary and Jane is Juana. It is not the most creative of names but can fool somebody that does not know Spanish.


Another name that is easy to guess is why it was given to weed. Green is referring to the color of weed.


This term is commonly used in the media. It can be a day like April 20th or 4:20 p.m./a.m. Many have used the day and time to smoke weed. It is also a worldwide stoner holiday. For example, like the Cannabis festival in Humboldt county on 4/20. The origin of 420 is still unknown but the term is commonly used. One of the stories is that it began in the 1970s with a group of California students at Rafael High School who would meet to smoke weed at 4:20 p.m.


Weed is also called skunk because of the smell of the plant. Some find the smell unpleasant. It differs from person to person.



This word became a slang word because of a famous rapper, his name Snoop Dog. In an interview with actor/comedian Seth Rogan, Snoop Dog and he were getting high and explained that he first used the word in the 1990s when he misheard someone. That person told Snoop Dog that they were growing cannabis hydroponically at a party and Snoop Dog thought they said “hydrochronic”. Snoop Dog later shortened it to “chronic”. Other rappers, like Dr. Dre, started using the term. He also used it for his classic album “The Chronic.”


Doja as in Doja Cat the artist is also a slang term for weed. This word existed before Doja Cat came up with her name but in an interview with Capital Xtra, she explained that it was another word for weed and she chose it as the name because it sounded cute.

Names From Different Languages Or Cultures


This term is used in Jamaica but the word is Sanskrit for the word hemp. Sanskrit is an old Indo-Aryan language of South Asia. Ganja is “a potent and selective preparation of marijuana used especially for smoking.”


This term came from the Spanish language. It means speck and is used to describe a small amount of weed. It is popular in Latin America and the southern states like California or Texas.


Another word for weed, the term comes from North Africa and is pretty common in Morocco.


This is a term that comes from South Africa. According to the United Nations website, the word is derived from the Hottentot word “dacha”


This term is used in Hawaii and is a Hawaiian word.

Doña Juanita

This term came from the Spanish language. Doña is used as a form of respect to call a woman who is typically older. Juanita is a regular name in Spanish. The reason people call weed, Doña Juanita, is probably from the word marijuana. Marijuana has the word “Juana” and why she is Juanita.

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