What Are Weed Edibles? And Everything You Should Know

I discovered weed edibles are my jam, for sure. At a friend’s party, someone passed the joint to me. I hated it. It made my throat hurt for a couple of days and I didn’t get high from it.

Much to my dismay, smoking a joint was not meant for me.

After that night, I decided not to get high again. But I remained curious about weed edibles. I was especially intrigued by the types of edibles available. But I hesitated for a long time.

There was this little voice in me chanting,
‘You’re from LA, this is what we do.'”

The only reason my friends and I decided to get high was because we thought we had to try it since we lived in Los Angeles. A wave of anxiety took over me. I was unsure what to do. To this point, I had never been high let alone on weed edibles. 

We tried it at Mariana’s house, and I remember just watching my friends eat and run around aimlessly. I felt scared and not in control. The anxiety I felt earlier became overwhelming. I was sitting on the floor just looking at my friends trying to make sure they were okay because I was not. Then we were hungry and managed to devour a pan of lasagna. 

I didn’t try any type of cannabis after that. And one would think that is the end of the story, but I had to give Mary Jane, particularly edibles, another shot. There was this little voice in me chanting, “You’re from LA, this is what we do.”

Determined To Like Edibles

I went for an edible brownie on my 22nd birthday. I was determined to like edibles. This time I knew I would have a positive experience.

It hit differently. This time around I ate more of the brownie than the first time. When eating an edible, you do not feel the high immediately. And if I had known that then I probably would have eaten less of the brownie. Instead, I just kept eating more of it until I finished it. 

“Oh well,” I thought to myself at the moment. 

Excited to be high, my friends and I went out for dinner at Norm’s Diner to celebrate. That’s when it got blurry. I stared at my friend, Kris, who sat across from me.

“What the hell is he looking at,” I asked myself as I caught him staring at me. 

We got caught up in a confusing staring daze. Whenever I caught myself looking at him, I shifted my glance to passing cars. But then slowly catch myself dramatically twirling my head to stare back at him.

I zoned out. 

picture of two women eating
Let’s not even get started on how delish food tastes high.

Once we started eating, I kept freaking out at the burger on my plate. I confused the patty for an actual beef, not veggie. I felt weary. 

“Oh shit, I’m eating meat,” I’d blurted out when I looked down at the mystery meat. 

Then I would notice little pieces of carrots sticking out of the patty and feel relieved. This happened every time I took a bite of the burger.

“Woah, those are carrots in her burger,” Mariana said amusingly, reminding me why she was my best friend.

I ate that burger and even had apple pie. I was higher than ever, and I enjoyed it. From then, it was on

Getting To Know More About Weed Edibles

Weed edibles provide a high without the smoke while enjoying different flavors — sweet and sour or chewy or crunchy. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, weed edibles, particularly any food that has been infused with THC or CBD are delightful.

But remember, edibles with THC will get you high and edibles with CBD will not. CBD helps you feel relaxed or less anxious, but not the: high” or state of euphoria that THC gives.

Edibles have been around for a while and now there are more options than ever. You can get edibles that are gummy candy, lollipops, gumballs, chips, or even beverages to name a few. I’ve even seen some Hot Cheetos edibles. 

According to BDSA, in 2020, around 71 percent of Americans consumed edibles and around 33 percent preferred it. 

It is an alternative form of getting high aside from smoking, vaping, or dabbing. It will also take longer for the high to kick in and it will last longer. 

Peek Into The Weed Edible Science

To make weed edibles the cannabis has to be decarboxylated. In other words, weed needs heat for your body to absorb the cannabinoids. You can see this when you smoke weed since you need fire from the lighter for it to work. When making edibles you can use your oven to get the same results. 

THC and CBD are both fat-soluble which means that they need to bind to a fat. This way your body can process them. A common ingredient people tend to use is butter or oil to infuse with marijuana.

Types Of Edibles

As mentioned before there are now various types of edibles and I am pretty sure there is going to be a lot more to come. 

  • Weed-infused drinks also known as cannabis beverages.
  • Weed-infused food
    • Some examples of this are gummies, cookies, brownies, chocolate, candies, truffle, caramel, and mints. 
  • Tinctures
    • These can be considered edibles because of the way you take them. They are made with alcohol and come in glass bottles with droppers. 
  • Dissolvable Cannabinoid powder 
    • They have no flavor and are water-soluble. This means you can add it to your water or any other beverage you prefer. 
  • Capsules 
    • It is a pill that contains weed. 

The Best Edibles Are The Ones You Love The Most

Some of the most popular edibles are gummies, chocolates, and beverages. There are a variety of brands and they all offer a different experience. Some popular brands include Queen & Pharaoh, Kanha, Dr. Norm’s, or even Cookies, who is known for its flower has some cool weed edible options.

More Edibles, Please — Round Three

After a bit of research on edibles, I tried the 25mg Delta-8 gummies from Queen & Pharaoh on a Sunday afternoon. This was the first time I tried a Delta-8 edible gummy. 

close up of a weed edible in a woman's mouth
Queen & Pharaoh Delta-8 gummy was the weed edible with the relaxed high without the buzz and disorientation for me.

This time I was prepared. I knew that edibles take longer to kick into effect. I didn’t do anything that day aside from being on my phone. I felt heavy and I remember my hearing feeling heightened. I could hear my brother’s laugh and television from the other room. It was a bit difficult to concentrate on the live stream I was watching sometimes because of it. 

Valkyrie was extremely funny that day, more than usual. It was the most focused I ever was when watching the stream. They were playing Mario Party and the colors of that game just amazed me. I just couldn’t stop laughing at every joke and felt so at peace. 

I was also extremely hungry but unfortunately, there were no snacks at my house and I felt too heavy to even get up.

“I should watch my step,” I said to myself when I would get up and look for food. I would reach out to any corner to keep my balance and it worked since I didn’t fall. 

I then tried a Pineapple Jalapeño cannabis drink by CANN. It contained 5mg. Flavor-wise, it was great, and it did not have a weed smell. It took a while for it to kick in, maybe about 30 minutes. I do not remember how long the high lasted since I fell asleep at 6:35 p.m. and woke up at midnight. That nap was one of my best naps. I felt so relaxed and ready to do anything the next day.

Even if I did wake up late, I did not feel tired the next day. I felt very energized and didn’t even take my afternoon nap that I usually take because I couldn’t sleep well the night before. 

Honestly, I would probably try a cannabis beverage again over any other weed edibles. Since I am a novice weed user, it wasn’t too much for me. 

Gummies Edibles

These are some of the most popular edibles. I don’t think I have met someone who does not like gummies unless they are allergic to them. They taste great and can be taken anywhere.

Another plus of the gummy is that they are easy to dose. This means that the consumer will probably get the exact dose every time. 

They also have fewer calories than other edibles and last longer than other products, so gummies can be easier to make for companies.

Cannabis Infused Beverages 

As mentioned previously, there are a variety of choices when it comes to edibles. One of those is beverages like cannabis cold brew or seltzers.

Beverages are becoming one of the most popular options for taking edibles. A study in 2020, showed that 5 percent of the edible market is made up of beverages in the United States. 

Image of woman drinking a weed beverage
Discovering weed edibles also included indulging in weed infused beverages also known as cannabis beverages.

In the beginning, I explained that to make an edible you need a fat-soluble substance like butter or oil for the effects to work. Beverages do not have a fat-soluble ingredient since it is water-soluble. 

Companies needed to discover a method that can work to mix ingredients that usually do not work. Now new technology has made it possible for companies to create drinks like seltzers, teas, coffees, and others. 

Cannabis beverages are very sociable drinks. They are easy to just have around and if you do not want to bother anyone with a smell, this a great option. 

Marijuana beverages are microdose, which means that the consumer can feel the buzz wear off before they can take another one. Microdosing is when you just take as little as you want to achieve your desired effect. 

This is why I think it is very beginner friendly.

Just Try Edibles, Don’t Be Afraid

There are a great number of edibles being sold now. There are gummies, chocolate, or beverages – even Hot Cheetos or coffee. 

Some of the most popular ones are gummies, brownies, and beverages. I have tried all three of them and I would try the beverage again. I just had the best nap. All three are great, it just depends on how high you want to get and the person’s tolerance or other factors. 

 You can purchase them at your local weed shop or online. Check with your doctor if they are okay to take if you are on other medications. Edibles usually do not set off quickly, but they will last longer. Please remember that so it doesn’t come at you as a surprise as it came to me.

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