What Does Your Favorite Type Of Weed Strains Say About You?

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Your favorite type of weed strains could say more about you than your astrological sign. Sativa, Indica or hybrid — no matter the preference, there’s something to be said about the type of high one prefers when smoking.


My older brother, Noel*, visited Los Angeles from Brooklyn, to smoke Cali bud. By the end of the weekend, he determined his preference strain was Indica. Understanding the full body high, changed the type of weed he wanted to smoke on the East Coast. That indica buzz is something else and not for me. I consider myself to be the “sativa diva.” Maybe I like the rhyme as much as the buzz, but the best part of smoking sativa is the focus and productivity.

Can Flower Choice Say Something About Your Personality?

I mean, truthfully, it’s not a proven science, but it actually makes sense. The type of weed strains I prefer, could speak a bit on my personality. I love the classics like Jack Herer or Sour Diesel, which gives me a happy, energetic high. Both strains keep me jumping for joy. But while on Indica, you’ll find yourself slowing down and relaxed. Hybrids are the best of both worlds.


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Types of Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

You’re a super energetic and productive person. Your can-do personality shows through in all aspects of life, and you’re always prepared for a new thrill of the day. Your memory is impeccable, and you were often thought of as the smartest kid in school. The fact that you can quote nearly every James Franco and Seth Rogen film known to man reinforces that stereotype.

Indica Dominant Hybrid

You are the classic definition of relaxation by day and party by night. You daydream of lounging on the beach every day of the week — with a pre-roll of Mango Kush in one hand and a fruity cocktail in the other. The cold is your worst enemy, and if the sun isn’t in the sky, you’re not leaving your house. You’d pick a resort vacation on a tropical island over a trip to Europe every time, and your bubbly personality makes you the light of every luau!

Gorilla Glue — Indica-dominant Hybrid

You’re the type that feels glued to the couch more often than you’d like to admit, but that doesn’t stop you from getting into some pretty sticky situations. That’s nothing that your balanced mindset and easy-going personality can’t solve! You always seem to be caught in the middle of things, and that has trained you to be the best peacekeeper of them all! The glue that keeps everyone together, if you will.

Khalifa Kush — Indica-dominant Hybrid

You’re a straight-up baller. No one can out smoke you, and you make sure to keep that very clear. You make sure to keep up with all of the trends, and are the biggest hype beast on the block. The clothes you wear and the weed you smoke have one thing in common — if you’re lucky enough to get the real stuff, you’ll be the envy of everyone.

Stevie Wonder — Sativa-dominant Hybrid

You’re one of a kind and instantly light up the room when you walk in. You’re a true joy to be around and people love your complex yet uplifting personality — someone that others feel they can always lean on! You’re a mellow spirit and you always seem to find the right grove. This often makes you the best socialite at a party — and, of course, you’re always the first one invited!

Northern Lights — Indica

You’re a true visionary — the creative one. Your head is in the clouds, but your heart stays grounded at all times. Your imagination and wanderlust can’t help but shine through your colorful exterior, and you daydream of adventure around every corner. Despite having the biggest aspirations of everyone around you, sometimes it’s hard for you to make them a reality. Less dreaming, more doing!

Pink Picasso — Hybrid

You’re no square that’s for sure — in fact, you often step out of the box. A bit of a high-flyer, life in your shoes is surreal. Everyone says that you must see the world through a different lens, and your flashy personality makes you a true influencer. Your style is like none other, and you aren’t afraid to start new trends that the world has never seen before!

Purple Haze — Sativa-dominant Hybrid

You’re an old soul whose lifelong dream is to travel back in time to 1969 Woodstock so that you can be with your real people. You’re a hippie at heart, and you smoke like it too. You’re in a constant state of bliss both day and night, but always have the energy to jam out to some oldies’.

Indica-dominant Hybrid

You’re the bad bitch of the friend group for sure — a natural-born leader that doesn’t take any shit. Everyone looks to you for life advice, because you always seem to have it all together. You’re as strong as a rock and tough as nails, but others shouldn’t be fooled by your hard and dominant exterior, you love to let loose just as much as the next guy!

Wedding Cake — Indica-dominant Hybrid

You’re a truly hopeless romantic. Whether you’ve found that special someone or not doesn’t seem to stop you, your heart-eyes give you the tendency to over-indulge in all things in life. But, just like any cake, be careful cutting another slice — this one goes to your head instead of your hips!

Sativa — Dominant Hybrid

You’re a bit hot-headed at times, but that’s nothing that some good ole’ green can’t fix. You’re a force to be reckoned with and can always take a punch (or give one) — good thing too because, man, this stuff sure is strong! Next time, before you hulk out, consider lighting up instead.