What is your favorite CBD product and why?

 CBD cbd oil for body aches or herbal  cbd vitamin drops 

What advice could you give to women that want to follow in your footsteps?

Never give up and stay consistent. 

How has Covid affected your business and personal life?

 It has affected my buisness by  causing others to get ill , but I  realize it hurt & helped others  on a self reflection level. It was  days I actually got to meditate  and reevaluate my wants and  needs. 


What stresses or obstacles do you have to deal with in your profession?

In any profession dealing with  unkind energy can make it a  obstacle, you don’t want negative energy to rub off on you.

At what age, or when, did you first start using cannabis and CBD products?

I started using CBD products at the age of 29.

What positive effects does cannabis/CBD have on you?

 I use CBD oil to relieve body pain after a long day at work on my feet. But more often than not, after an intense workout at the gym.


“Never give up and stay consistent.” – Aisha Black


What is your profession?

I am a geriatric pharmacist who is a fashion stylist and designer. I love my work behind the scenes as a creative director for her clients and brand partners. I’ve also launched a nonprofit, In Women We Trust. My organization caters to guiding women with their financial, emotional and therapeutic needs.

What services does your job offer?

As a pharmacist, I consult and dispense medication to patients. I also counsel patients on their prescriptions. When I’m working as a fashion stylist,  I’m combining the music video concept with clothing, while styling my clients to look their finest.

How did you become successful in your field?

 I became successful in my career by working hard — long hours and some days I went without sleep. I became disciplined. I kept the mindset of promising myself, while on my journey, to be the best version of myself with every opportunity.

“I really had time to focus on myself as a spiritual woman and cast out negativity around me that didn’t align with my purpose in life.” -Aisha Black

What has 2020 taught you?

2020 has aligned me with my  spiritual self and showed me  how to be vibrate higher. I really  had time to focus on myself as a spiritual woman and cast out  negativity around me that don’t align with my purpose in life.  

In so many words explain what goes through a woman’s mind throughout a day?

The mindset of a Black Woman that has to be strong 24/7 or else she is considered weak.  

What advice can you give a man from a woman’s point of view on romance and life?

Women want to have a man on her side that will support and  protect her in all aspects of life.  And we need reassurance on a  daily, it’s hard being a successful black woman.  


What are your thoughts on a woman being elected Vice President of the United States?

I guarantee we will have a black female president in the future. As far as Kamala Harris being a Black Woman V.P, I feel like it’s long overdue and it feels good  to know woman can be powerful as well as man.

What five songs are in your playlist in the current moment?

Goapele- Closer To My Dreams 

Comfortable by H.E.R 

More Thank you Enough by  Allan Baraz Black Bonnie by Wale  

For Real by Amel Larrieux  


Aisha Black 

Wardrobe Stylist // Designer //  Creative Director //  Pharmacist // Advocate for  Women in need (non profit) //  Boutique Owner @goonzwitdiamondz @styledbyasiab @blakesbeautybar